Sexual abuse and exploitation affect one in four women and one in six men in our country. But victims are not the only ones faced with the crisis of sexual abuse and exploitation. Family members, friends, caring adults, law enforcement officers, emergency response personnel, teachers, clergy, and everyday citizens may find themselves face-to-face with a victim of sexual violence. Sexual abuse and exploitation can quickly destroy families, schools, organizations, churches, businesses, and entire communities. Many of the crises we currently face in our culture stem from sexual abuse including, obesity, chronic health issues, illiteracy, pornography, prostitution, addiction, poverty, homelessness, mental illness, violent crimes, and suicide.

Together we can help reconnect victims with Hope and turn their broken into beautiful.

As a speaker, advocate, trainer, and counselor, I spend a lot of time with victims, listening to their stories, and offering hope and healing right where they are. I am a sexual abuse and exploitation survivor who openly and passionately shares the pain of my past to raise awareness, bring new perspectives about victims, train church and business leaders, and equip medical staff and law enforcement personnel to better serve victims.

Broken or Beautiful programs offer innovative teaching and new ways to help break the chains of sexual violence by raising awareness, impacting culture, and influencing change around this important topic. Every Broken or Beautiful program is strategically designed to reconnect people impacted by sexual abuse and exploitation with Hope.

Book a Broken or Beautiful Program…

Are you looking for an engaging and interactive program to raise awareness about sexual abuse and exploitation in your community? Do you need an impactful survivor story to influence change in your organization? Is your leadership looking for innovative practices to help people impacted by sexual abuse & exploitation find hope? Broken or Beautiful events are available for:

  • High school & college age groups
  • Adult women of all ages
  • Employee health & wellness programs
  • Churches
  • Sexual abuse & exploitation survivors
  • Sexual abuse & exploitation perpetrators
  • Community organizations
  • Crisis Response Teams
  • Law Enforcement
  • Medical Personnel 




“We had a lot of people suffering in our church and no idea how to approach healing and hope. Your program was exactly what we needed to start a new initiative surrounding the difficult topic of sexual abuse and the impact on our church.”



“I thought we were pretty aware of the needs of sexual abuse survivors in our congregation. Turns out we were harming more than helping. Thank you for helping us develop a program we could use with our leaders and members.”


“Officers tend to see only one side of sexual abuse. This program really helped us see the people we encounter from a different perspective.”


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