Sexual abuse and exploitation do not have to define a woman or destroy her ability to live a redeemed life. The healing process from broken to beautiful can be encouraged by a trained trauma-informed care facilitator in a safe and confidential Hope group setting with other women who have walked similar paths.


Hope in Connection groups are designed to meet the needs of a fluctuating group of individuals within an open group format when a long-term commitment to a small group community cannot be made.

Each Hope connection group session meets for 1.5 hours and has two-three hours of project-based homework assigned in between sessions. Group format will focus on relational interactions in a group setting with up to 12 women present at any given time with one facilitator. 

Groups will follow a story-oriented format. Women will be encouraged to share where they have been, where they are now, and where they want to go in the future as they begin to identify with their own story.

Session Topics:

Session 1-2: Where have you been? Defining the path, they have lived to this point- timeline of life, defining moments, influencers, choices, loss of dreams

Session 3-4: Where are you now? Defining challenges, felt needs vs. ascribed needs, value systems, 

Session 5-6: Where do you want to go? Defining longings, desires, dreams, and values,  

Session 7-8: Who are you? Defining gifts, talents, passions, character, dreams, redefining beautiful

Session 9-10: What do you want to change? Defining the situation, taking charge of environment, self-control, boundaries, and goals, action steps, action plans  




A 12-week confidential Hope group is designed to reconnect people impacted by sexual abuse and exploitation with Hope. Integrating a holistic approach to healing the mind, body, and spirit of a woman who has been wounded by sexual abuse allows her to explore what has happened to her in the past, what is binding her now, and what she needs to be set free. Broken or Beautiful Hope Community Groups are a committed and authentic small group setting for no more than ten women to walk a healing path together. Sharing stories with others who have experienced similar life circumstances allows women a safe place to be vulnerable, share the pain of the past and seek Hope for her future. In order to find a way from broken to beautiful, women need to remember who they were created to be before the cruelty of life derailed her identity. A significant part of the healing process is identifying the wounds that have hurt so deeply so that she can remove them from our core being. Once the hurts are removed, the process of redefining self mentally, emotionally, and spiritually can begin. A strategic nine-week process follows a story format to help women reconnect with Hope. Community groups will meet for two hours.

Session Topics:

Session 1: Identifying the ties that bind

Session 2: Exploring healthy relationships

Session 3: Exposing secrets that define brokenness

Session 4: Lies that hold you captive

Session 5: Banishing guilt and shame

Session 6: Sexuality is a gift

Session 7: Exchanging fear for love

Session 8: Learning to trust again

Session 9: Shining light on who you are

Session 10: Meeting the real you

Session 11: Dreaming Again

Session 12: Plans for the future



A Hope group may not be right for everyone. Some survivors have a difficult time opening up with others because of relational trauma, trust issues, fear and shame. In cases where a group format is not determined to be healthy, individual face-to-face counseling is available. An assessment will be done for each woman to determine if her needs are trauma and crisis focused or rehabilitative.  Individual Hope Connections offer a safe place to meet with a counselor to work through Hope Group topics one-on-one. Pace and scope of the healing process will be determined at the first session.

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