A difficult topic that everyone needs to hear

The face of sexual violence is everywhere. The grumpy grocery store checker, the guy who flipped you off on the highway, the neighbor that is constantly in your face, the family member that yells at everyone – these are the walking wounded. You can’t tell by looking at them because victims of sexual assault and domestic violence don’t come with labels. But if you take time to listen, you will see the evidence. Most people don’t want to be angry, violent, or abusive. Most people don’t want to walk around feeling afraid and ashamed. Beginning with ourselves and those closest to us, we can help break the victim cycle of sexual abuse and exploitation.

Broken or Beautiful speaking programs help attendees understand the victim cycle and take an active part in challenging sexual abuse, trafficking, and the rape culture. The personal story approach makes this difficult topic real and relatable to students, adults, and emergency response personnel who have been exposed to these very real issues.

Speaking sessions can be presented in one hour, half day, or full day programs. A multi-session approach gives attendees time to fully engage the message and break into small groups for interactive round table discussions. Immersion experiences are developed strategically to help attendees relate to the victims they serve. Additional role-playing and team-building exercises can be added for extra impact.

Survivor, speaker, and advocate

Who better to raise awareness about sexual abuse and exploitation than someone who has survived it? Trish uses the painful reality of her chronic sexual assault survivor story to impact audiences with the strategic purpose of helping people who have not been victimized by sexual assault find a greater level of compassion and care for the victims they encounter. If you are looking for a survivor story to present at your next event, contact Trish to see what a Broken or Beautiful program can do for your group.

“I have never told anyone about my childhood sexual abuse. I have stuffed it away all these years and it has eaten me like a cancer. Tonight, I found freedom in releasing it and speaking those horrible words for the first time.”


“I am a survivor and a perpetrator and I’m inspired to do a better job of working with victims and advocating for change.”


“Seeing all these survivors stand up made the statistics come to life for me. I will never look at a crowd of women, or across my congregation the same again.”


For more information about Broken or Beautiful, contact: trish@brokenorbeautiful.org

For more information about advocacy and chaplaincy, visit ChaplaincyResource.org