Training or Speaking?

While speaking programs are usually one-way presentations geared towards laypeople and general audiences, professional Master-level training programs from Broken or Beautiful can provide executive-level training from a subject matter expert for Continuing Professional Education, leadership training, best practices program development, and practical interactive case study training for care providers all from a sexual abuse victim perspective.

Professional training can be presented in a simple one-hour lunch and learn session, a half-day seminar, or a full or multi-day conference. Any topic can be customized for your group or organization. Broken or Beautiful programs are geared towards:

• High school and college-age groups
• Adult women of all ages
• Employee health and wellness programs
• Churches
• Sexual abuse and exploitation survivors
• Sexual abuse and exploitation perpetrators
• Community organizations
• Crisis Response Teams
• Law Enforcement
• Medical Personnel

Sample Topics

  • Broken or Beautiful: Getting to the heart of victims and others impacted by sexual abuse and exploitation.
  • Broken or Beautiful: One survivor’s journey out of darkness of chronic sexual abuse and exploitation.
  • Sexual Abuse and Exploitation 101: Getting on the same page by understanding current statistics, definitions, and trends.
  • Reconnecting with Hope: Raising awareness about myths, signs of sexual abuse and exploitation, and how to offer hope to the victims you encounter.


If you are looking for a professional training program for your church, law enforcement agency, business, or medical practice, contact Trish to see what a Broken or Beautiful program can do for your group.

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